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New company launched to help individual LendingClub investors increase returns and lower default rates


PHILADELPHIA, PA – Feb. 5, 2019 – Today, announced the launch of their new online peer  to peer lending investing service, founded to help individual LendingClub investors maximize returns, build stronger portfolios, and feel more secure in their loan investments by using the company’s proprietary loan rating algorithm.


Conducted in accordance with strict standards and established statistical techniques to ensure accuracy and reliability, the PeerLoanAdvisor team studied more than one million peer-to-peer loans, identifying characteristics of a borrower’s profile and credit history that can indicate loans that are most likely to default. This analysis included the information from the original application, as well as status and repayment data for loans approved and funded by individual investors over the past 10+ years.


The result is an advanced analytics-driven proprietary loan rating algorithm that awards all loans available on a score on a scale of 0 to 100 based on the information submitted by the borrower and obtained from credit reporting agencies.  The higher the score, the less likely the loan is to default. To ensure data accuracy, timeliness and relevancy, loan ratings are updated immediately following the release of new loans to investors.


“I was looking for a competitive edge in my own lending club investing, and began analyzing past loans,” explained Cody Smith, founder and CEO of  “After developing my algorithm, I decided to share it with other investors so that they could use the power of analytics to maximize their profits while minimizing their risk. Our exclusive loan ratings give them the same tools as institutions and professional peer-to-peer lending investors.


“ represents a huge audience of strategic, high-volume investors that are managing their own portfolios,” added Smith. “As the largest peer-to-peer lender, they’ve connected millions of borrowers in almost every state with individual lenders for nearly 12 years.  It was only natural to focus on their platform, so their investor pool could access our proprietary algorithm through a membership-based model to make their peer-to-peer loan investing easier and more financially lucrative.”


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Founded by Cody Smith and driven by a team of experts in the fields of analytics, investment management, finance, technology and underwriting,’s exclusive loan ratings were developed to help LendingClub’sP2P lending investors select quality loans. By analyzing more than one million past loans approved and funded by individual investors to determine which factors from the borrower’s history indicate the likelihood of the loan being repaid in full, the company has developed a proprietary algorithm to help investors increase returns while lowering default rates.


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