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Lending Club Investor Reviews

Reviews From Real Lending Club Investors

Several P2P lending investors have shared with us their personal Lending Club investor reviews and we are sharing them with you below. These are real experiences and contain a wealth of insight that can help you on your peer to peer lending journey. We all have the same goal, which is to profit from our investment. However, how and whether we reach that goal is very different for each of us. Also, how much profit we are seeking, along with how much risk we are willing to accept, is also a very personal aspect of each of our journeys as well as each of the experiences you will read on this page. We hope this knowledge and insight will help you succeed with your personal loan investing. If you would like to share your experience we would love to hear it, and maybe even add it to this page. 

Roger, from Iowa shared with us this experience: I began investing in loans in the early days, which was the summer of 2008. This turned out to be a rough start with this new type of investment, but other investments had a bad run around that time as well, so I kept at it despite the initial hit that my portfolio took. I'm glad I kept at it because the economy eventually rebounded and I learned a lot about peer to peer lending. My initial investment was small and I gradually increased it over the years. Along with my contributions, the interest earned and reinvested  turned into a sizable portfolio. While my returns have not been stellar, I have made more than I would have in fixed income mutual funds, although not by much. Still, I enjoy managing my loans portfolio and my returns in the past couple of years have been very good. I expect to continue the success and grow my holdings to the point where they will provide a good income stream when I retire. 

Beth from California writes: I have been peer to peer lending investing with Prosper for over a year now. My initial investment was only $2,500 and I made some poor decisions at first. I was pretty turned off by the experience. I still have my account but I am no longer buying new loans. I will just let the loans that I have be paid off (or default) and then close my account. This will take a few years, which kind of sucks. My return so far has been about 3.5% which is not too bad but just not what I was expecting. I know others who have done better and some who have done worse so I guess I should be happy. Anyway, that is my experience with Prosper. I would not say don't do it, but I would say do your research and make sure that you really have the time, know-how and desire.

John says: As a Lending Club investor for over three years, I have to say that it was a good decision. I use a service that invests automatically based on a predetermined set of criteria that I selected. This keeps me as fully invested as possible and makes sure that the loans in my account are high quality. I am pretty conservative so I want to minimize loan charge-offs. So far, I have been successful and am earning a good rate of return (over 5%). I know the average return for Lending Club investing is a little lower than that so I am quite happy with where I stand. I don’t know if this will always be the case but for now I am going to stick with it. 

Well, there you have it. Three reviews from real P2P investors, all with different goals, strategies and outlooks. Are you ready to share your experience? Just use the contact form on our site and tell us all about it!

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